Affordable Towing Service in the Northwest Suburbs

Did your car overheat, breakdown, or get damaged in an accident? Do you need assistance in getting your car out of a precarious situation? None of these situations are associated with fond thoughts, but getting help doesn’t have to be a hassle. We are committed to giving our customers 24-7 Patriot Towing & Roadside Assistance. It is normal to worry about who you are trusting your car to, but you should find comfort in knowing that all of our drivers are professional, fully licensed and experienced. We have over 15 years of experience and when your vehicle is towed by Patriot Towing & Recovery, you can trust to know that it is in safe, reliable hands.

Why use our towing services?

Customer satisfaction is our top priority. Our goal is to deliver quality services that will exceed our customers’ expectations. It is our duty to provide fast, friendly, and reliable service for people using only the latest in towing technology as well as knowing our way around the Northwest Suburbs so we can respond quickly to your emergency needs. For immediate service call us anytime of day or night at 847-859-0099!

From simple, short-distance hauls to jump starts, when it comes to towing and roadside assistance in The Northwest Suburbs, no one combines friendly, professional and fast response like the people at Patriot Towing & Recovery.

What other types of towing services do we provide?

Lockouts: The worst feeling is closing the car door then catching a quick glance at your keys laying on the seat and not being able to catch the door in time. Our certified drivers are here to help. We can open your car door or even make you a new key.

Tire Changes: Getting a flat tire always put a dent in one’s day. Patriot Towing & Recovery can help. We'll send a driver out to help you change your spare and get you back on the road in no time.

Jumpstarts: Did your engine give out on you? Our techs can come out and give you a jumpstart.

Battery Replacement: Maybe your battery died and it doesn't seem to want to revive. We also do mobile battery replacements. We'll save you the hassle of having to get towed to the shop and wait on getting your battery changed. We can do it right there.

Car Buying: Has your car quit on you one too many times? Are you ready to just get rid of it? We’ll be more than happy to take it off of your hands.

Winch Outs/Recovery: Is your car stuck in a ditch or mud. It’ll take specialty tools to get it out and luckily we've got what you need.

Impounds/Private Property Towing: Are you a business that is tired of having the cars of people who are not a patron of your business taking up parking spots? Or maybe they come after business hours so that they can avoid paying for club/bar parking. Let us offer you our FREE impounding service. We will patrol your lot and get rid of any vehicles that are not permitted to be there.

Patriot Towing services the following areas

Crystal Lake
Fox Lake
Island Lake
Round Lake
Spring Grove